Lima Replacement Motor Kits

The Kit contains the replacement motor and an 8 tooth pinion gear pre-fitted along with a 3D printed motor holder, the kit is no longer supplied with a speed reduction diode which was used to create a similar top speed to the original lima pancake motor. A newer motor has now been sourced which no longer requires the diode to be fitted.
The kit is suitable for all OO/HO Gauge "pancake type' motored Lima Locomotives. It is a simple fit to Bo-Bo (dual) or Co-Co (triple) wheel bogies. Wheel varieties from 11mm to 14mm in diameter across all HO/OO wheel widths and types are suitable housings for this replacement kit.
Because it is a replacement of the motor only which uses the original Lima gears and wheels it has no impact upon other aspects of the locomotive, it is equally comfortable with DCC or conventional Analogue powering.

Benefits :

 New High torque motor.
 Improved torque output.
 Five year replacement guarantee.
 Enhanced low speed performance.
 Reduction in stalling possibility.
 Simple installation.
 Uses existing motor housing, gears and wheels.
 Bring old lima models back to life.
 Can be replaced with original motor at any time.


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